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An Open Letter to Policy makers across the UK - The Logistics Sector

One of the challenges faced by the Logistics Sector is that we are neither stroppy nor loud enough.  We know this.  Another is that we spend all our time doing, and maybe not enough time talking.  It is this attitude and approach that underpins what we do and how we do it.  We are a sector that gets on with our day (and night) jobs.  We have the occasional moan and grumble, but for the most part, we simply play the cards we’ve been dealt.

But now more than ever, it seems as if we need policy makers across the UK to understand a few fundamental truths. 

So dear policy makers, here are my thoughts – I hope you listen.

Dear Sir/Madam,

  • The price of fuel to you is a few pounds here or there on your weekly travelling budget.  It might increase the price of your train ticket, or make you consider a hybrid car.  But for us, it is largely a non-negotiable cost.  In the short term, we can’t really do anything about reducing our diesel usage. 
  • When our costs go up, given that many of us don’t have any margin left to cut, prices in the shops will have to rise. 
  • If you don’t care about us, I’m sure you care about your inflation target.
  • We need some certainty around foreign workers.  In both driving and warehouse jobs, we really need them. 
  • What is going to happen at Dover?  Getting delayed at any port, to you is an inconvenience.  To us, it is altogether more important.
  • The border crossing in Ireland really matters.  You have to get it right.
  • Can we please have some flexibility over where to spend our Apprenticeship Levy?    Surely government wants us to train more.  Why limit it simply to Apprenticeships?

The more we hear about Brexit, the less I understand.  If the freight lorries using Dover on a daily basis alone were parked end to end then they would stretch for 90 miles all the way to Guildford.

The detail is for you.  But please hear our concerns, and occasionally tell us what is happening.