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New Year. New You. New Job?

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Research shows that January is the month where more life decisions are made than any other. Resolutions are made (and broken..). Houses go on the market.  Holidays are booked.  Gym memberships taken out and divorce lawyers consulted..! 

And of course, people begin to look for alternative employment.  A new job, a new career and a new you. 

In fact, our research shows that in 2016, 21% of people will look for a new job role.

A job search can be both taxing and challenging.  It can feel like a step into the unknown.  It can be punctuated with rejection.  But there are things you can do to improve your chances of success.

Be careful what you share online! 

This isn’t just a warning for the kids!  Employers and recruiters can and do search for you online before they talk to or meet you. 

The first impression is already created before the first contact.  Social media creates what I call the pre-first impression phenomenon.  Be careful not to overshare or say the wrong things – particularly when you’re looking for work! 

It might be useful to look over your social media accounts and perhaps delete some of the content posted...

Not all online boards are the same. 

You will likely only use 1 or 2 in your search.  After the initial blitz you will settle on a trusted few.

Spend some time looking at sites before you decide which ones are really useful, and which are effectively going to be your partners in the job search. It pays to specialise - Logistics Job Shop effectively does what is says on the tin. Our team helps find people jobs in logistics.  

Some sites refreshed more often than others - our team ensure that our logistics jobs are totally fresh and kept up to date daily.

Get the logistic job you want. Set up a Job Alert. 

It also makes sense to set up a Job Alert. It literally takes 2 miutes to register. 

This means you will have the latest logistics jobs - that you want - emailed to your in box. meaning that jobs might have gone by the time that you see them.  Some are specialised and have good relationships with employers in particular sectors - we do and have some of the most respected logitics organisations in the UK actively hiring with us. 

Others are more general and publicise vacancies in whatever and wherever they can.  You must decide what you want in your search partner – are you committed to the sector, are you looking specifically for a driving job or a warehouse job? Are you actually just looking for anything in your area.  Depending on what you want, there are appropriate sites out there. 

If you have made a New Year's Resolution to look for a logistics job online then the Logistics Job Shop is an ideal place to start - have a look at our latest jobs. Good luck and if you need any help with your online logistics job search then get in touch with your team.